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Makeup collages

For the make-up collages, I combine images from fashion, design and architecture with those from neuroscience. I work mainly manually with cutouts from print media, thin materials or various own stuff. Then I add decorative cosmetics such as powder, eye shadow or lipstick.  The process is spontaneous and traces of the materials are wanted.

Since it is not clear how long the make-up collages will last at all, I photograph the development and the result.

When you look at them for a longer time, I recommend holding makeup under the nose.

Body, space and the brain-nerve-system

Makeup collage "Dot", liquid metallic eyeshadow, TENS gloves (2023)

Makeup collage "Blade", powder, nailpolish, electrodes (2023)

Makeup collage "Red", photo, lipstick, EEG spectogram (2023)

Makeup collage "Gaps", eyeshadow, conductive nylon band (2024)

"Stripes", blush, electrographic carbon paint (2024)

Makeup collage "Lines", photo, mascara, absolute EEG data (2023)

Around my table

Eyeshadow on paper

Electrode plus makeup

Scalpel next to lipstick

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