neurotech, not only with tech, but also with culture, design and art

About me

After completing my master's degree in Cultural Studies and Southeast Asian Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, I wanted to get some supplementary practical training - and earned my diploma in Industrial Design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. While working in various industry-related positions, I expanded my business knowledge and additionally obtained a MicroMaster in International Business Management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

During my professional career, I have acquired experience with communication from different perspectives: as researcher at Vitra, as managing editor at Stylepark, as press spokesperson / content manager at ERCO - and now as editor-in-chief of the website at Roland Berger.

Since neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces become increasingly available, I'm writing about it on my personal Instagram blog.

On Linkedin you can find more information.

Previous years

Born in hippie Munich

Growing up with many freedoms

School exchange to Indonesia

Getting dirty in crafts

Student years in Berlin

First journey to the Himalayas

As design editor at the Venice Biennale

Starting a blog about neurotech and art

Blog name

This is a private blog. It has no connection to my regular work. That's why I started it under the name nina.lilienthal (my actual name is Nina Reetzke). As a child, my grandmother showed me our family tree. Between seafarers, farmers and a hairdresser, there was also the aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. Since then, I use the name "Nina Lilienthal" when I need a pseudonym. In spring 2023, I went to see historical places of the Lilienthals in Berlin. The brothers Otto and Gustav were not only forerunners in flying and building, but also dedicated supporters of social reforms and performative arts.

Otto Lilienthal monument

Flyer mountain

Gustav Lilienthal architecture